Blue Light Blocking Coating (Digital Protection)

Blue light glasses, also called computer glasses, are becoming increasingly popular. Most adults spend a significant portion of their day on their computers, phones, and tablets. These glasses can help prevent digital eye strain and help improve your sleep schedule.

  • Because Blue Light scatters more easily, images can appear lower in contrast. This lower contrast can cause eye strain and dry or irritated eyes when viewing a screen for extended periods of time. 
  • While Blue Light in small doses can be beneficial during the day, too much Blue Light during the night may disrupt your body’s natural circadian rhythm. Blue Light suppresses melatonin secretion, a hormone required to regulate your sleep at night.
  • Some studies suggest that too much Blue Light may be linked to damage of the retina, which could be tied to macular degeneration. However, studies are still too early and inconclusive to prove definitively.


At Kyikyi Eyewear all our lenses are treated with Anti-Reflective coating, Ultraviolet Protective coating and Scratch Resistant coating absolutely free of charge in order to provide our customers with increased value as thanks for their patronage.


Additionally customers have the choice to add either (or both):

  • Photochromic lens treatment 
  • Blue Light Blocking lens treatment


 Once you have chosen your favorite frame(s) and preferred lens treatment(s) you can upload a picture of your prescription and purchase your eyeglasses.

You will be sent an order confirmation email, and we will ship your order to you for free within 3-7 business days.


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